For those that do not know, I served in the US Coast Guard for 20 years.  The Coast Guard Motto is Semper Paratus, a Latin phrase that translates to "always ready," and it's a motto that can be applied to many aspects of life, including real estate investing. 

Real estate is a popular investment opportunity, and for a good reason. It has the potential to generate significant wealth, provide a steady income stream, and serve as a hedge against inflation. However, you must always be ready to succeed in real estate. This means having a solid plan, understanding the market, and being willing to adapt to changing circumstances.

A key aspect of always being ready in real estate investing is having a plan in place. Before investing in any property, you must clearly understand your goals, investment timeline, and risk tolerance. This will help you determine what type of property you should invest in, how much you can afford, and your expected returns.

In addition to having a plan, it's also important to understand the real estate market. This means staying current with trends, keeping an eye on property values, and understanding the factors that can impact real estate prices. You can make informed investment decisions and adapt your strategy as needed by staying informed.

Being always ready in real estate investing also means adapting to changing circumstances. Real estate markets can be volatile, and unexpected events can impact property values. As an investor, you need to be able to adjust your strategy and your investment approach to account for these changes. For example, if property values start to decline, you may need to consider selling your property or changing your investment approach to minimize losses.

Finally, being always ready in real estate investing means being prepared to put in the work. Real estate investing requires a significant amount of research, due diligence, and ongoing management. Whether you're managing your own properties or working with a property management company, you must be willing to put in the time and effort required to ensure your investments succeed.

Real estate investing can be a lucrative investment opportunity but requires significant planning, knowledge, and hard work. By adopting the Semper Paratus mindset and being always ready, you can increase your chances of success and build a solid real estate investment portfolio that generates steady income and long-term wealth.

Groups like Realty Investors Group (RIG), the John Fisher’s Breakfast Club, and Invest Success are great resources to help you develop your plan, network to find the people needed to put your plan in motion and stay current with the trends. Make plans now to join upcoming events and prepare to be Semper Paratus!!!!!