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What We Do

RIG encourages networking of those in the Real Estate Investing World. We value the Investor that is just getting stared as much as the Investor that has been doing it for 30 years. Our meetings are set where small groups are gathered around tables to network together. Our venue has food and beverages, so you get to network, learn and have a meal.

  • FLEXIBLE ANNUAL FEES: See the Membership Page
  • NO SPONSORS:  Everyone may share their services and resources through flyers, announcements & our website
  • MEMBER BUSINESS, TRAINING AND MEETING SUPPORT:  Members’ businesses (real estate and non-real estate) are featured at meetings and on the website
  • MEMBER-ONLY FACILITATION:  Members lead and actively participate in meetings
  • SUPPORT FOR OTHER REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT ASSOCIATIONS (REIA’s) & GROUPS:  INC is happy to support and post others’ events through meeting and social marketing announcements

Monthly Meetings

We host monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. During the Summer, we host a Summer Party and a Winter Party in December. From time to time, we host Online Summits and Gatherings.

RIG Website

Our RIG Website provides resources and tools for the Investor to use in their networking and investing. Meeting Presentations and materials are available for Members of the site.

RIG Facebook

We host a very active and growing Facebook group. The membership is over 3,500 and new members are joining daily. Need a recommendation for a service provider, the group is a quick source of recommendations. Paid Members of RIG can post deals for sale or promote their services. Join the group and engage in networking.

Ideas / Suggestions?

RIG is YOUR Group, we would like your suggestions for events, meeting topics and any way that RIG can help you in your investing.