RIG Business Member of the Month – Oxford House

RIG's April Business Member of the Month is Oxford House. Big Thanks to Kindra Faulkner and Nikki Diaz for sharing the mission of Oxford House at our meeting. For more information, contact Kindra Faulkner @ Kindra.faulkner@oxfordhouse.org, 720-688-1418, or check out their websites. OxfordHouse.org OxfordVacancies.com

New Business Member – TurboTenant

Realty Investors Group (RIG) welcomes TurboTenant as a new RIG Business Member.

TurboTenant is a leading online property management software provider. TurboTenant's innovative technology solution will streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and drive greater returns for landlords and property investors nationwide. "We are thrilled to begin this journey with Realty Investors Group," said Seamus Nally of TurboTenant.

"We are delighted to partner with TurboTenant," said Jim Edenfield of Realty Investors Group. "Their technology-driven approach to property management aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our members. By leveraging TurboTenant's platform, we aim to enhance efficiency, minimize vacancies, and ultimately drive greater returns for our investors."

TurboTenant is revolutionizing the rental process by providing savvy landlords with cutting-edge technology that offers streamlined rental management. From online rental applications and tenant screening to personalized websites and digital lease signing, TurboTenant offers everything landlords need to complete their rental process quickly, efficiently, and all in one place. For more information, visit turbotenant.com.

RIG February Business Member of the Month – Nicole Zoellner with JNT Property Team

Realty Investors Group - RIG's February Business Member of the Month is Nicole Zoellner (aka Nicole Marie) with JNT Property Team. Nicole is a true "Investor-Friendly" Realtor. She is an investor as well as a Realtor. Contact Nicole at 720-310-0140 or Nicole.Zoellner@eXpRealty.com . Watch her presentation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mwoNGkH1Eg 

RIG January Business Member – Elevated Title

RIG's January Business Member of the Month is Elevated Title. The Tonya Stevens, Diana Lewton Smith, and Tammy Hayutin team are experienced Real Estate investor-friendly agents and can take care of your Title Needs. If you have any Title Related Questions, contact them at (720) 734-2767 or https://elevatedtitleco.com

RIG December Business Member of the Month – Dugout Bar and Grill in Erie

RIG's Business Member of the Month goes to The Dugout Grill and Bar in Erie. With short notice, plans were implemented for them to host our Winter Party.  The staff were so great in planning and hosting. The food was delicious. When in Erie, check out The Dugout

The Dugout Grill & Bar
149 S Briggs St, Erie, CO

RIG Winter Party – Get Your Tickets Now!!

Join us on Tuesday, December 12th, for our Annual RIG Winter Party. When you purchase your ticket this year, you will select your Entree.  Be sure to bring a gift for the Dirty Santa Gift Exchange.

A Dirty Santa Gift Exchange is another term for a traditional gift exchange game variation, often known as “White Elephant” or “Yankee Swap.” In this game, participants bring wrapped gifts and take turns selecting a gift or “stealing” one that someone else has already chosen.

“Dirty Santa” typically implies a playful and sometimes mischievous twist to the game. Unlike a standard Secret Santa exchange, where participants know who their gift is for, Dirty Santa involves mystery and strategic decision-making. Here’s how it usually works: 

  • Gift Selection: Participants bring a wrapped gift without any tags or indications of who it’s from.
  • Drawing Numbers: Participants draw numbers to determine the order in which they will select or steal gifts.
  • Gift Unwrapping: The first person selects a wrapped gift and opens it for everyone to see.
  • Subsequent Turns: The next person in line can either choose a new wrapped gift or “steal” an already opened one from someone else. If a gift is stolen, the person who had it stolen can choose a new wrapped gift or steal from someone else. There are often rules about how many times a particular gift can be stolen.
  • Continued Rounds: The game continues until all participants have had a turn, and the last person may have the opportunity to swap or keep their gift without the possibility of it being stolen.

Dirty Santa gift parties are known for their element of surprise, competition, and the potential for humorous or unconventional gifts. Participants often enjoy the strategic aspect of the game, adding an extra layer of fun to the holiday gift exchange.

Look around the house for that gift that needs “re-gifting” or that garage sale item that didn’t go. Wrap it up and bring it for the Gift Exchange. If you must purchase a gift, please do not spend over $10.

New Business Member – Elevated Title

Realty Investors Group (RIG), a leading real estate investment network, is thrilled to announce the addition of Elevated Title of Colorado as its newest business member. This strategic partnership further solidifies RIG's commitment to providing exceptional services and resources to its members, fostering growth, and expanding opportunities within the real estate industry.

Elevated Title, a respected and established title company, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the real estate sector. Their dedication to delivering top-tier title and closing services makes them a valuable addition to the RIG community.

RIG is also pleased to introduce the three Elevated Title’s Vice Presidents:

Diana Smith - With a proven track record of success in the real estate industry, Diana Smith serves as Vice President of Escrow at Elevated Title of Colorado. Her extensive knowledge and leadership skills is instrumental in guiding the company towards achieving its goals.

Tonya Stevens - As Vice President of Sales, Tonya Stevens plays a crucial role in the growth and development of Elevated Title of Colorado. Her dynamic approach and passion for real estate make her a valuable asset to the team. Tonya is also an active Real Estate Investor.

Tammy Hayutin - Tammy Hayutin, who brings a wealth of experience in the title and closing services sector, serves as Vice President of Operations at Elevated. Her expertise and vision is instrumental in driving the company's success.

"We are excited to welcome Elevated Title as a valued business member of Realty Investors Group," said Jim Edenfield of RIG. "Their commitment to excellence in the title and closing services aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our members with the best resources and opportunities in the real estate industry."

Elevated Title is equally enthusiastic about this collaboration. "We are proud to be joining Realty Investors Group and working alongside such a dedicated and forward-thinking community," stated Tonya Stevens of Elevated Title. "This partnership will allow us to continue providing top-tier title services while expanding our reach and supporting real estate professionals in their endeavors."

This strategic alliance opens up exciting prospects for RIG members and Elevated Title of Colorado to share their knowledge, network, and grow together in the competitive real estate market. With Diana Smith, Tonya Stevens, and Tammy Hayutin as VPs, this partnership promises to be a remarkable journey of success and innovation.