Realtors and Real Estate Investors want to:

     *Add another 6-figure stream of income to their tool belt?

     *Learn why Raw Land Investing is the Genesis of all Real Estate Investing!

     *Learn how to find deals from 15% to 40% of market value and sell them quickly for 80% of Market value. 

Join us on Tuesday, September 13, and David VanSteenkiste will show you where to find those deals and how to target the right buyers. 

Tuesday, September 13th at 6 PM

Frolic Brewing Company

Space is limited and EventBrite Tickets are REQUIRED 

First-Time Guests are welcome to the meeting for free. Others will need a RIG Membership or pay a per-meeting fee 0f $20. RIG Membership info can be found at

A limited Zoom Session will be available for those that can not attend in person. It will be a listen-only session, but you will be able to submit questions via Zoom Chat. Paid RIG Members will receive the Zoom information. RIG

Guests can purchase a Zoom one-time session pass at.