RIG Welcomes new Business Member Shauna Green with Front Range Insurance Solutions. 

After the Marshall Fire, were you left wondering if your property would have been rebuilt if it had burned down? 

Do you have a teenage son and wish your rates could be lower? 

Perhaps you’ve thought about life insurance (especially that new-fangled kind with living benefits) but just haven’t gotten to it…yet. 

Have you wished you could just understand your dang commercial policy?! 

If so, I’m your girl. 

I’m Shauna Green, owner of Front Range Insurance Solutions. I’ve been in the insurance industry since I was 16 (I won’t tell you how many decades that’s been, you’ll just have to trust it’s been a few!). 

At Front Range Insurance Solutions, we work hard to find the right COVERAGE, COMPANY, and PRICE among our many carriers, AND we take the time necessary to make sure you understand your policy so you can sleep well at night knowing you and your assets are protected. 

If you’d like to know more, stop by our website, take a peek at our reviews, and get to know our staff. 

Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Shauna Green 

(720) 389-7651