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Frolic Brewing Company

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Join David VanSteenkiste as he shows you why Raw Land Investing is a profitable endeavor.

In 1998 David became an accidental house hacker and landlord by buying, living in, and rehabbing three houses over five years. He had no training and made some mistakes to be sure. 

His career was spent primarily in engineering and sales. In late 2011 he decided to take some Rich Dad real estate courses. In early 2012 David got downsized. So, with some savings, he decided to try to flip houses. After doing about 20 fix and flips and a couple of fix and holds over two years, he was burned out. So much stress, dealing with contractors, running all over town, losing deals to consistently increasing competition, shrinking inventory, higher prices, and smaller margins. IT JUST SUCKED!

Then David discovered Raw Land Investing. He read a book in a weekend and sent out some offers via direct mail. Holy cow, it worked. David bought 3 or 4 deals and sold them quickly for a nice profit. The hook was set. He had proven that the model worked. But then, a former colleague offered him a job he couldn’t turn down. So, David shelved Land Investing for a little while and took the job. In late 2015 he re-started land investing. David kept doing it as a side hustle to build up enough cash flow to safely leave his job. Within four years, he was able to do that. Now, after over 250 land deals, David is doing land investing full time at Mile High Rural Land. David is also a partner in a Land Investing Education business called Land.MBA, and they run the Land.MBA podcast.