In Good Times or Bad….

> Are you a current Real Estate Investor?  Do you buy and hold?

> What is your tax situation - owe, break even, get money back?

> Are You concerned income tax rates might go higher in the future?

> Aware of accelerated depreciation strategies and how it works, and what's a good fit?

> Are you aware that your real estate holdings/cash flow can be used to leverage additional tax-advantaged retirement solutions to accelerate retirement goals in up or down markets as well as offer significant tax advantages - potentially eliminate them?

> What does retirement look like for you?  

Steve Estle will review some case studies and workshop exercises designed to make this fun and interactive. This is an audience participation workshop.

Come and have some fun (possibly bring a calculator) and learn some time-tested but typically not well-known strategies to help you in your real estate and life journey.

Tuesday, October 11th at 6 PM
Frolic Brewing Company

Space is limited and EventBrite Tickets are REQUIRED

First-Time Guests are welcome to the meeting for free. Others will need a RIG Membership or pay a per-meeting fee 0f $20. RIG Membership info can be found at

A limited Zoom Session will be available for those that can not attend in person. It will be a listen-only session, but you can submit questions via Zoom Chat.

Paid RIG Members will receive the Zoom information.

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