RIG's Business Partner of the month is Atlas Real Estate, providing Property Management and Real Estate Brokerage services focused on financial autonomy in Denver, Colorado Springs and Phoenix. They use their experience as investors to help people understand how to use real estate as a platform to build long-term wealth.

At Atlas, They understand that smart investing is the main thing standing between you and your financial goals. Their company provides forward-thinking real estate strategy and turnkey solutions for passive wealth building. They arm you with the awareness and knowledge you need to make the smartest decisions possible, and we guide you through a simple, pain-free way to produce real estate results that work for you.

Their team is more than your typical real estate agency because as property owners ourselves, we see things from your perspective. They’ve learned and earned our market authority from years of personally road-testing our strategy to deliver a battle-tested approach that produces results. From a collection of bumps and bruises they’ve earned along the way, they pass their proven formula on to you. For them it’s as simple as owners helping owners achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Contact Evan or Jennifer at evan.rice@realatlas.com Jennifer@realatlas.com