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We specialize in acquiring discounted mortgage loans, both for our own accounts and for investors.
Are you tired of

money sitting around doing nothing?
low yields from savings accounts and CDs?
sensational volatility in the stock market?
dealing with rental properties?

Are you seeking

monthly cash flow?
solid income for your IRA?

We are.

We find great opportunities for increasing our wealth through investing in mortgages on single family residential mortgages that borrowers are currently paying on. Mortgage notes are not the most glamorous and high-flying opportunity on earth. That is fine with us. We’ve traded commodity futures and we understand the thrill. If you like high adrenaline excitement of day trading, that’s perfectly fine with us. But, you’ve come to the wrong place. We are all about slow and steady returns and we are willing to share some of our mortgage notes with you.

When you invest in mortgage notes, you are the bank. Borrowers make their payments to you. (Actually, borrowers send payments to your servicer, and your servicer deposits money in your account, but you get the idea.)

The good thing is that you don’t need to put a sign on your house in order to “Be The Bank.” Why not look around our website and consider whether mortgage notes might be a good opportunity for you? We will be glad to talk with you about the subject anytime.

Be warned that we do NOT offer investment advice of any sort!!*However, LEAF Select Invest, LLC can help you experience:

Low-maintenance and easy cash flow investing by owning your own performing mortgages.
Manageable downside risk for better capital protection.
Strong, full service knowledge.

We sell entire notes, or parts thereof — whatever suits your investment strategy best.
We locate single mortgages and take them through the boarding process on your behalf.
We compile pools of mortgage notes on your specifications and work closely with you to get them set up with servicers.

* Working with a financial advisor? We’ll be glad to confer with him or her to help bolster your net worth. They are working to help you find profitable investment opportunities. Ideally, they are always balancing your portfolio based on your ever-changing risk tolerance and financial situation. We can help them do their jobs better with lower-risk, higher yield mortgage investing.

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