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What Sets Me Apart

My business, Ann Tristani Design LLC, draws upon my previous experience as a professional fine artist, speaking the language of design: proportion, scale, color, balance, emphasis, line, texture, value, repetition, and space. 

All of these elements matter, whether applied to canvas or to your home.  My life long pursuit of creating beauty gives me the tools to help you attain a home that feels right, reflects who you are, and has a soul. 

My interior design knowledge of and access to unique products and materials provides me with endless possibilities to bring fresh, contemporary and cohesive design ideas to your home.  

My goal as your designer is to hear your vision, understand your needs, and then gently and confidently lead you to design solutions, space planning, and materials selections which create a home that reflects your unique personality and enhances the joy, peace, comfort, and quality of your life.

So what does an Interior Designer do?

Ann Tristani Design LLC listens, envisions, plans, and outfits your space, considering both beauty and function in your interior design and creates for you a Design Presentation that thoughtfully responds to the needs of your unique space. Once you select the items or finishes you wish to move forward with, your designer will handle all the details of procuring your selections.  From concept to installation, Ann Tristani Design LLC is with you every step of the way.

A Designer considers...

Aesthetic details of your project, as well as space planning, traffic flow, and functionality, are all considered together to create a space that reflects your lifestyle and personality, and also complements the architectural features of your space.

Besides honoring your project with honesty, hard work, integrity, and transparency, Ann Tristani Design LLC has developed relationships with trusted contractors, artisans, vendors and others who can help execute your design with expertise.

The eye of an Artist...

A trained eye creates designs that are visually cohesive, while a creative mindset allows for solutions you might never have imagined.  Ann's experience as a professional artist along with her innate understanding of interior design will transform your home into a haven that looks polished, pulled together, and unique.... a place that feels good...a space you can be proud of.

When done just right...

...your space becomes a reflection of you... a home with a soul.  The art you display...the book titles on your coffee table...the accent pillows on your sofa...those funky accent chairs you splurged on. All together these home decor elements create something fresh and unique.  A place that brings you comfort, a place to call home.

What do you want your home to say about you?...

Let me inspire you and lead you through a home or commercial update that is a breath of fresh air in your life! I would love to meet with you for an Interior Design or Home Staging Consultation.

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