We have some very exciting news about BIG changes with Investors Network Community (INC)!

INC has been hanging around for eight years serving the real estate investment community, primarily through monthly meetups, our facebook group, LinkedIn page, and a face-face get together twice a year to enjoy food, friends and continue to build relationships.

For the past couple of years, Katy has been focusing on developing her area of passion to support investors in a more individualized way using the time-honored and evidence-based mastermind approach.

As such, she has decided that if she is to practice what she preaches about following her passion, she needs to step up to the plate and put her dreams into action. Her program, “The Investor Success Method & Mastermind” is beginning a new session on September 1 (see below for link).

At the same time, Jim remains passionate about meeting monthly with our former INC group and staying connected via the facebook page. More exciting news… He will be leading that group under the new name of “Realty Investors Group (RIG).”

And so, we have come up with a plan we think will benefit all, while we continue to each follow our paths and continue supporting our fabulous investing community that we love.

Here’s the plan in a nutshell (we’ll be gradually implementing, so bear with us as the changes take place):

Katy will:

· remain Executive Director of Investors Network Community (INC) that will provide:

o Online program entitled, “The Investor Success Method & Mastermind” that helps investors clearly identify their goals/strategies and create an individualized plan for accomplishing those goals. She is accepting registrations for the next program beginning on September 1 (registration deadline is August 18): https://bit.ly/3gtlqBv

o An ongoing monthly mastermind option that will involve small mastermind groups where members will continue in a close community of colleagues to help them stay on track with their goals and plans. It’s somewhat similar to our monthly INC meetings, but with a more individualized, targeted approach and a small, consistent group.

o Events such as the recent “The Investor Success Collaborative Livestream Event” and yesterday’s free webinar, “From Information to Action.”

o Katy will continue the Investors Network Community Meetup site and Linked-In site.

o Events will also be posted on the old INC facebook page which will change its name to Realty Investors Group (RIG)

o She just may continue to throw an occasional party or two at her house for the investment community.

Jim will:

· Be Executive Director of Realty Investors Group (RIG) that will essentially continue the old INC monthly meeting group, but with the RIG name. He will continue to hold online Zoom meetings, and meet in a new location once face to face meetings happen.

· Continue hosting the INC facebook page, but again – will rename the page to Realty Investors Group (RIG). All members currently on the INC facebook group page will not experience any changes other than the name change of the group.

Jim and Katy want our members to know that the new direction is all about serving our members in the best way we can possibly serve, while following our own paths as we develop and grow as investors and leaders.

We have been so very fortunate to work with one another these past eight years, and have formed a deeply caring and supportive friendship that we value. We will continue to collaborate and support one another’s groups, efforts and life goals.

Please let us know if you have any questions. This will be an ongoing dialogue with our community as we put our new plan in place.

Know that we are here to support your investment strategies and goals, and that we both consider our community as our “family.”

Take care,

Katy Fleming, Executive Director
Investors Network Community (INC)

Jim Edenfield, Executive Director
Realty Investors Group (RIG)